KVM VPS powered by Fusion IOrive2
Dedicated CPU, RAM and Disk - All resources are dedicated

ATL: FusionCore-1

$25.00 USD / Monthly

Plan includes

Storage 40GB Fusion IODrive2 SSD
Bandwidth 5TB
Memory 2GB
CPU 1 Dedicated
IPv4 1
Location Atlanta

Why ATL: FusionCore-1 is so special?

  • 40GB Fusion IODrive2 SSD
  • 5TB Bandwidth (Gigabit Port)
  • 2GB Ram, 1 CPU Core
  • 1 IPv4 Address

ATL: FusionCore-2

$50.00 USD / Monthly

Plan includes

Storage 80GB Fusion IODrive2 SSD
Bandwidth 10TB
Memory 4GB
CPU 2 Dedicated
IPv4 2
Location Atlanta

Why ATL: FusionCore-2 is so special?

  • 80GB Fusion IODrive2 SSD
  • 10TB Bandwidth (Gigabit Port)
  • 4GB Ram, 2 CPU Core
  • 2 IPv4 Address

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ATL: FusionCore-1 $25.00 USD
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$25.00 USD Monthly

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$25.00 USD

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